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  • new page Admin Blog
    created by Walker2000
    New page: This is were Admins have votes and blog posts about subjects Role play? Edit
  • new page Vote
    created by Walker2000
    New page: voting is were a Admin Blog post or a User Blog vote has been posted and you go in comment and say Agree- if you agree with the subject Disagree- if...

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  • new page User blog:Walker2000/Role play?
    posted by Walker2000
    New blog: should we allow Role Play from games on this wiki from like games and more? just Vote in comment bellow to tell if we should have it.
    Summary: Blog post created or updated.
    Added category: Blog posts

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  • new page Gamingentertainmentlifestyle Wiki:Community portal
    created by Dock Silver
    New page: Welcome to community of this wiki, here you can Do votes Do top 10 lists Here to see what admins are talking about New Content for the wiki
  • edit User:Dock Silver
    edited by Walker2000 diff
    Added photo:
  • discussion page Talk:Game Approver’s
    new comment by Dock Silver
    Comment: sweet
  • new page Game Approver’s
    created by Walker2000
    New page: Game Approver's Edit walker2000 dock silver
  • new page Gaming
    created by Walker2000
    New page: GamingEdit Gaming can be for any games on any unit or even on the computer. Describe the game good like your trying to get the person to buy it and...
    Added category: Gaming

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  • new page Rules
    created by Walker2000
    New page: Code of conduct no cursing or swearing no spamming in comments or chat be polite do not disrespect admins no flamming no cyberbullying ...
  • edit Gamingentertainmentlifestyle Wiki
    edited by Walker2000 diff

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